Throughout 2010, StEP´s five Task Forces (TF) were hard at work advancing the e-waste agenda on many fronts. TF Policy continued its work on a comparative analysis of various national policies and legislation in order to make sound recommendations on “best” e-waste policies. It also started with laying down the framework for a White Paper on  e-waste definiions and continues to expand on the link between climate change and e-waste and consequently develop potential mitigation strategies. TF Re-Design completed a comprehensive study on worldwide impacts of substance restrictions of ICT equipment.  

TF Re-Use took action on Best Practices by analyzing re-use case studies and identifying barriers and common success factors in current re-use operations. Yet another Subgroup on Transboundary Shipments was established and will continue developing a StEP position on transboundary shipments to developing countries. TF ReCycle continued its work on Recycling Standards which will provide guidance and recommendations to stakeholders on the development of effective and efficient electronics -of-life standards.

The e-waste issue is raising more and more interest around the world and StEP is well positioned to make a difference towards the development and practical implementation of sustainable solutions.

We hope you find this Annual informative on StEP’s endeavours in 2010 and the challenges still ahead.

Washington/Bonn, April 2011    STEP Annual Report 2010